Activities for the 2016-17 academic year are now over! We hope everyone has a great summer, and we are already looking forward to next year!

Meet Molly Ciszewski!

25 March 2016

Name: Molly Ciszewski

Hometown: Holmen, WI

What is an interesting fact about you?

Ice cream is my kryptonite! I would absolutely love to travel to those countries that have those super creative and delicious-looking milkshakes and just eat my way through each ice cream shop that serves them.

What is your favorite class in college?

My favorite class is my art class! Not only do I get credit for what I love to do, but it forces me to relax and push myself to create pieces I never would have thought I was capable of making.

Why did you get involved with College Mentors?

I was walking through the oval one day when a little kid ran up to me and handed me a flyer that was promoting the organization. She babbled happily at me then bounced away to her mentor. Seeing them interact instantly made me fall in love with the organization. I wanted to be part of making a difference! I was very blessed as a child, (and still am,) and I wanted to share that with others. When I got that flyer and saw how the mentor and her little buddy interacted, I knew I was supposed to be here. I applied, got in, and am loving every minute of it.

What impact has College Mentors for Kids had on your life?

College Mentors for Kids showed me how simple it can be to make someone’s day. Sometimes, all it takes is being there for someone. It has also solidified my belief that it is so important to have the mentality of a child – to always appreciate the small things and be unafraid to meet people or experience new things. It has showed me that people are full of surprises, and that sometimes those who may not have a lot or come from the best circumstances are the most generous and have the biggest hearts. Everyone always talks about how we can impact the little buddies’ lives by being there for them, but I had no idea it would impact me so much!

What impact has College Mentors for Kids had on your life?

College Mentors for Kids showed me how simple it can be to make someone’s day. Sometimes, all it takes is being there for someone. It has also solidified my belief that it is so important to have the mentality of a child – to always appreciate the small things and be unafraid to meet people or experience new things. It has showed me that people are full of surprises, and that sometimes those who may not have a lot or come from the best circumstances are the most generous and have the biggest hearts. Everyone always talks about how we can impact the little buddies’ lives by being there for them, but I had no idea it would impact me so much!

What is your favorite memory with your Little Buddy?

One day, the little buddies were going to get Chips Ahoy cookies for a snack. My little buddy was soooooo excited about getting those cookies! It was ALL she talked about the entire bus ride and during the walk to our activity room. First we handed out bananas, and the little buddies had to eat them before they got their cookies. I have NEVER seen a banana disappear so quickly!! When she was done wolfing down the banana, she ran to get her cookies, and proceeded to vacuum up the first one. The second one she was just about to gobble up, but then she stopped! She broke it in half and then offered one of the halves to me. I told her to eat the cookie, because she was so excited about it, but she insisted on offering it to me. She ended up eating the whole cookie, but it was one of the sweetest things that has ever happened to me. Her willingness to give to others continues to floor me and that moment will forever make me smile.

What would you tell someone about College Mentors if they had never heard of the program before?

College Mentors for Kids is this awesome program where we bring kids from local city schools to campus and do programs for them to teach them about culture and diversity, higher education, and community service. These kids don’t always come from the best backgrounds, some of them might not have a father-figure in their lives or get three meals a day. As a mentor, we try to act as a stable figure in their lives so we can get them looking ahead sooner so they can give back later. It is so easy to fall in love with the kids and the program. I have learned so much through the time I spent with my little buddy and my amazing fellow-mentors. Everyone talks about what we can do to impact their lives and make them happy, but I never expected that it would impact my life so much! It is honestly the highlight of my week, and it feels so good to give back and be with my little buddy!

Top three items from your bucket lis:

1.) Visit every state in the U.S.

2.) Go on an adventure abroad! (I’m coming for you, Greece!)

3.) Make a sketchbook-journal about beautiful moments from my normal days and travels

Community Connectors Grant

5 March 2016

Columbus, OH – Each week, after school is let out, over 200 elementary school kids descend upon Ohio State University’s campus for mentoring and activities through College Mentors for Kids. This school year, for the first time, fifth graders are a part of this transformative program thanks to a grant made by the state of Ohio’s Community Connectors program.

College Mentors for Kids was one of eighty-two community partners who was awarded a grant in July 2015 to help fulfill the Community Connectors’ mission of providing access to positive role models for Ohio’s students. College Mentors for Kids has been serving the Columbus-area through its Ohio State University chapter since 2009, working with kids in first through fourth grade from four local elementary schools. The Community Connectors grant has allowed for the expansion of the program to over 30 fifth grade students.

Former Ohio State chapter president, Doug Herrett, explains the impact extending the program has. “Being able to serve fifth graders this year has allowed us to be a part of their lives for one more year, as they continue to grow and develop their views of themselves, their communities, and the world. If we are able to reach the kids for even one more week, the possibility of them taking what they learn at College Mentors for Kids and applying it to their adult lives only continues to increase.”

At College Mentors for Kids, each kid is matched with a college student mentor who engages them in conversations about school and the future; encourages them to pursue their goals; and reminds them they have potential. Activities focus in on higher education and careers, culture and diversity, and community service. Kids get to hear from guest speakers like professors, student groups, and local business leaders. They lead the kids in a hands-on activity and, at the end the day, kids journal about what they learned.

After only a semester of mentoring fifth graders, the impact can already be seen. One fifth grader said, “College Mentors is a place where I can come and learn about how we can help our community. Also, it teaches me different careers that I can have. College Mentors teaches me a lot of things, and I’m happy to be in this program because I can learn so much stuff from them.”

The mentor program highlights how the community can benefit when different organizations come together. Kate Harkin, Director of Ohio State’s P-12 Initiative, shared, “OSU has a proud tradition of service to the next generation of Buckeyes in school districts across the state and our partnership with College Mentors reflects that tradition. The relationships developed between an OSU student and an elementary school child will make memories that will last a lifetime. Our youngest Buckeyes develop and articulate new dreams and aspirations for their future because of their participation in The Ohio State chapter of College Mentors for Kids.”

Mentors Like Monica

29 February 2016

Monica Backs wears many different hats. She is a third year ecological engineering major and a first year mentor in College Mentors for Kids at Ohio State. In Spring 2016, Backs decided to deepen her involvement in College Mentors by becoming a transportation director. Her passion for the program is evident beyond activity and staff meetings.

In celebration of Spring 2016 Mentor Appreciation Week, College Mentors at Ohio State invited Backs to share her College Mentors experience so far as we let her know how much we appreciate her commitment.

Q: How did you initially become involved with College Mentors for Kids?

A: A friend of mine that I met through a summer internship graduated from Ohio State last spring, and she loved her experiences with College Mentors so she told me to look into the program.

Q: Why did you decide to become involved with College Mentors?

A: I participated in a mentoring group called TOY (Teaching Our Youth) during my time in high school. The purpose of TOY and that of College Mentors are really similar, so I decided that being a mentor with College Mentors would be right up my alley.

Q: Why did you decide to become involved with College Mentors?

A: I participated in a mentoring group called TOY (Teaching Our Youth) during my time in high school. The purpose of TOY and that of College Mentors are really similar, so I decided that being a mentor with College Mentors would be right up my alley.

Q: What has been your favorite part of being a mentor?

A: I love spending time with my little buddy, Delshawn. His giggles and the dance moves he always pulls out of nowhere really bring happiness to my day. The engineering curriculum can get pretty overwhelming at times, so taking a few hours of out of the week to spend time with my little buddy and focus on him for a while is just as beneficial for me as (I hope) it is for him.

Q: Do you feel like you are making a difference? If so, how?

A: I do feel like I am making a difference. Even just seeing small, but positive changes in Delshawn’s attitude, behavior and outlook means a lot to me. As the program has progressed, Delshawn has come out of his shell so much and I have really noticed a positive shift in his attitude toward school. These differences in my buddy’s behavior mean a lot to me personally, but I know they will really pay off for Delshawn down the road, and that’s my favorite part.

Q: What is your favorite memory with your little buddy?

A: Delshawn and I had so much fun when Lowe’s came to activity and helped us make binoculars. We had a good time putting together all the different parts and learning about the different tools. It was one of the first activities that I really saw Delshawn super excited to get involved, so it sticks out to me as one of my favorite memories together.

Q: How has College Mentors changed you?

A: I feel that, for many of us, we join a mentoring program because we want to make a positive difference in the life of others. After joining College Mentors, I think I finally realized how much a “mentoring” relationship is a two way street. I am there for Delshawn, to be a support system, mentor and a friend too, but he is there for me, inspiring me to be a better individual. Working with Delshawn has helped me to become more patient and understanding, as well as helped me loosen up a bit. Sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into the seriousness of college, but Delshawn always keeps me laughing and easy going. I’m obviously there to help and teach Delshawn grow, but it can’t be denied that he is doing the same for me.

Q: What do you believe it means to have the “Heart of a Mentor?”

A: I believe to have the “Heart of a Mentor,” you need to be patient, selfless, and willing to learn. As I said before, I truly believe that “mentoring” is a two way street, and it should be an opportunity for everyone involved to grow.

College Mentors at Ohio State is fortunate to have members like Monica that excel in the classroom while remaining committed to giving back to children of the Columbus community. We appreciate all of our mentors, not just during Mentor Appreciation Week, but every week of the entire year!

What is Our Why?

8 February 2016

We consider our college mentors to be some of the best and brightest students that The Ohio State University has to offer. In their busy lives, it is easy to forget about the difference they are making in a child’s life by being a mentor. Each mentor has a personal reason they decided to become involved with the program and also have a reason that keeps them coming back.

We asked mentors what their “why” is and decided to showcase these reasons in honor of January being National Mentoring Month.

“People always ask, ‘What do you want to do before you die?’ I’ve never really had a specific answer, but I’ve always known that I want to help people. I want to have a positive impact on the world, and I feel like I have an opportunity to do this through College Mentors for Kids, even if it’s in the smallest way.”

- Maria Stang, West Franklin Mentor

"To give my little buddy something to look forward to everyday. She told me that she gets passed around her family sometimes as often as nightly, so if I can be that one constant that is there for her, I want to do that."

- Awesome Mentor

"No matter how exhausted I am by Wednesday evening, I am always excited to spend time with my little buddy. This activity gives me a break from school and reminds me that there is a bigger world outside my academic routine."

- Molly Ziemkiewicz, Weinland Park Mentor

“People don’t give kids enough credit. Everything they do is out of the purity of their heart or innocence of their youth. They deserve the best guidance and opportunities they can possibly have.”

- Awesome Mentor

“College Mentors for Kids and my Little Buddy have changed my life. Becoming a mentor to such an awesome and amazing kid is one of the best things that has happened to me. Seeing his face light up each week makes me so happy. I’m so blessed to be making an impact on Anthony’s life--even though he may be making a bigger one on me. That’s why I love College Mentors for Kids.”

- Kylie Twining, Hamilton STEM Mentor

“I love College Mentors because it provides a new perspective on life for both the mentors and the Little Buddies. A lot of times, people are impacted by specific actions and words of others. However, more frequently, people are affected by the general presence and support of another person. It’s not about having the perfect thing to say, or the perfect solution to a problem; it’s about being there for each other, and that’s what College Mentors provides for these kids.”

- Awesome Mentor

“I do College Mentors for Kids because I know the enormous impact my mentors and role models had on my life, and I know that I would not be where I am now without them. I want to pay forward what they have given me and have the chance to help empower kids to do things they didn’t think were possible.”

- Jeffrey Shero, Hamilton STEM Mentor

We cannot thank our mentors enough for their dedication to and passion for College Mentors for Kids. Our organization would not be where we are today without each and every one of you.

A College Mentors for Kids New Years

1 January 2016

As we say goodbye to 2015 and welcome the new year, many people choose to make New Year’s resolutions to better themselves in some way. We see this as the perfect opportunity to improve our chapter of College Mentors for Kids! We recently asked our Little Buddies and Mentors what they would like to accomplish in 2016. Here’s what they said:

Little Buddies' Goals

  • Spend more one-on-one time with their Mentors at activity
  • Use an activity day to learn about outer space and visit the planetarium on campus
  • Have a movie day with snacks
  • Practice teamwork and entrepreneurship at activity
  • Learn about doctors, nurses, and the medical field
  • Spend lots of time outside!

Our Chapter's Goals

  • Select successors for next year’s President and Vice Presidents of Programming
  • Interview new mentors to add to our family
  • Complete fundraising goals for this school year
  • Expand our presence in the Columbus community
  • Get to know our buddy families better
  • Have a great time with our Little Buddies!

We wish you luck with all of your New Year’s resolutions and are looking forward to all that 2016 has in store!

College Mentors for Kids Activities Staff: A Sneak Peak

4 December 2015

Each week, College Mentors for Kids at Ohio State hosts activities focused on Higher Education and Careers, Culture and Diversity, or Community Service. A lot of hard work and careful planning is put into each activity to ensure that it runs smoothly from start to finish. Each activity day has a Vice President, General Managers, and Transportation Directors and is overseen by an Activities Manager. Get to know some of our dedicated programming staff members here, and be sure to check out our Staff Member of the Week album on our Facebook page!

Kolin Cookson - Vice President of Programming (Wednesday 2)

Kolin is a pre-dental senior majoring in biology. In addition to being the Vice President of Activity for Weinland Park Elementary, Kolin is also a teaching assistant for physiology, a member of the Pre-Dental Club at Ohio State and a student volunteer at the OSU Wexner Medical Center. Kolin joined staff because he wanted to give more of his time to the program and have a larger impact on the kids College Mentors serves.

“My favorite part about staff is knowing that all of my extra time that I give to the program being a staff member is well worth it when I get to watch the Little Buddies get excited about the activities and learning about educational and career opportunities,” Kolin said.

As the VP of Programming for Wednesday 2's activity, Kolin’s responsibilities include communication among mentors, staff, Weinland Park staff and parents of the little buddies. Additionally, he is responsible for making sure each part of activity is ready before, as well as facilitate and lead the activity each Wednesday. This staff position has helped prepare Kolin for his future career as a private-practice dentist as he has learned to communicate to a team of staff and mentors that can collectively work toward a clear and common goal.

Before Kolin was VP of Activity, he was a General Manager for a second grade buddy family. He said that this is a fun starter position for mentors looking to get involved in staff.

Mackenzie Teaford - Activities Manager

Mackenzie is a junior majoring in middle childhood education. She decided to join staff because she was looking for a way to get more involved with the program. Last year was her first year being a member of College Mentors and she loved being able to make connections with both the little buddies and mentors, but she wanted to be more involved with the planning of activities and help make each activity a success.

As an Activity Manager, Mackenzie does community outreach to form new relationships and partnerships with businesses and campus organizations with hopes to coordinate and plan new activities. In addition to making connections and planning activities, Mackenzie also attends a majority of the activities to help set up and ensure everything runs smoothly throughout.

Being an Activity Manager helps Mackenzie prepare for her career as a teacher because it gives her practice preparing a lesson plan and gives her experience in overseeing large groups of children.

“My favorite memory is when my old little buddy told me she was so excited that I get to plan some of the activities this year because she loves coming to activity every week,” Mackenzie said.

Katie Kaldor - General Manager (Wednesday 2)

Kate is a junior majoring in biology (life science education) and minoring in education. In addition to being the GM for the West Franklin third grade buddy family, Kate is a student manager at PAD and volunteers with the Reading Buddy program at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. She wanted to become a member of staff because she was interested in how activities were run and wanted to have a larger role in that process.

As a GM, Kate oversees all the buddy pairs within the third grade throughout activity each week. Her favorite part about being a GM is seeing the changes that occur with the little buddies each week and watching them become more confident.

This is Kate’s first year on staff, but she was a mentor within in the same buddy family last year and she said, “Knowing the kids and all their individual quirks helps me to better accommodate their personal needs.”

Although this is not the age range that Kate ideally wants to teach, College Mentors has helped her with her organization and time management as well as becoming more comfortable with disciplining inappropriate behavior in a learning environment.

Kendra Thomas - Transportation Director (Wednesday 1)

Kendra is a third year majoring in pharmaceutical science with a minor in global public health. Outside of College Mentors, Kendra gives tours to prospective students and their families as a University Ambassador. She is also a pharmacy technician at Walgreens at Doan Hall in the Wexner Medical Center.

Kendra wanted to join College Mentors staff to make a larger impact on the children we serve and help the organization continue to run successfully. She not only has the opportunity to build a relationship with her little buddy, but she also has the opportunity to interact with all of the children on the bus.

As a transportation director, Kendra ensures the little buddies make it from their school to campus and from campus to their families safely. She is responsible for making sure all the children are accounted for at the school before the bus leaves and a parent or guardian checks them out at the end of activity. While on the bus, Kendra tries to make sure that the children are sitting with their arms inside the bus. Kendra likes to play games or have group sing-a-longs to keep them occupied.

“I believe that their favorite is singing Hang on Sloopy with the OH-IO arm gestures,” Kendra said.

Transportation directors are also responsible for reminding big buddies to ride the bus and make sure they are disciplining the children while riding to and from the school.

This role has helped prepare Kendra for her future career as a pharmacist by helping her gain leadership skills, organization skills and communication skills as she communicates with children, parents and her fellow staff members.

A College Mentors for Kids Thanksgiving

24 November 2015

This Holiday season is the perfect time to sit back and think about all of the things that we are thankful for. At College Mentors for Kids, we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to hang out with our Little Buddies every week. In the spirit of the season, we asked all of our Little Buddies to tell us what they are thankful for -- here are a few of our favorite responses:

"I am thankful for my food and my life and shoes."

- Linden STEM Third Grader

"I am thankful for Thanksgiving, my mom’s birthday, friends, my bookbag and my family."

- Linden STEM Second Grader

"I am thankful for a very awesome game named Fire Night and Fridays and my friends and my family."

- West Franklin Third Grader

"I am thankful for being kind, my family, home, friends, school and using the bathroom!"

- West Franklin Second Grader

"I am thankful for my family. For this world. Have all my bodyparts. For food. A house for my friend and big buddy. For clothes. For being alive. For being human and being awesome."

- West Franklin Fourth Grader

"I am thankful for my family and my teachers and my mentor, Anna."

- Hamilton STEM Fifth Grader

"I am thankful for my family and I am also thankful that I have a roof over my head."

- Weinland Park Fourth Grader

College Mentors for Kids Development Staff: A Sneak Peak

20 November 2015

College Mentors for Kids at The Ohio State University offers members different many opportunities to become more involved in the program and gain relevant experience for their future career goals. Development staff team members focus on behind the scenes efforts like fundraising, PR and marketing, and recruitment. Get to know some of our dedicated development staff members here, and be sure to check out our Staff Member of the Week album on our Facebook page!

Varun Subashchandran - Fundraising Team

Varun is a third year biology major with a sociology minor on the pre-medical track. In addition to his involvement in College Mentors, Varun is involved with the Indian American Association, Chimes Junior Class Honorary and Alpha Epsilon Delta. He also does research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, volunteers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Hematology/Oncology Clinic and loves playing the piano and guitar.

“After my first year in College Mentors last year, I fell in love with our organization, the people in it, and the kids we mentor; and I felt that it was my obligation to devote more of my time in helping our program become even bigger and better,” Varun said.

Varun is involved with College Mentors as a mentor to his second grade little buddy from West Franklin Elementary and as a fundraising director. He works with other members of the fundraising team to raise the $51,000 that it costs to run the program. This funding is necessary to ensure proper functioning and continuation of College Mentors for Kids for years to come.

Being a fundraising director helps prepare Varun for a career as a physician by helping him enhance and improve his communication skills. As a fundraising director, it is important to explain the mission and vision of College Mentors and communicate the benefits of partnering with the organization to potential donors. The same skill set will be necessary for Varun with patients in a clinical setting.

In Varun’s opinion, the best part about being on staff is being able to work with “some of the coolest and most passionate people” he knows. The staff is full of individuals from a wide array of majors, but College Mentors unites everyone in order to provide the best experiences for the kids.

Ari Effler - PR / Marketing Team

Ari is a senior majoring in marketing and minoring in communication. Outside of mentoring her Weinland Park little buddy and being the head PR and Marketing chair, she plays tennis, reads, does yoga and enjoys cheering on the Buckeyes.

This is Ari’s first year on staff and she wanted to get more involved because she loved her first year in College Mentors and wanted to become more involved with the behind the scenes work. She saw a lot of room for growth within PR and Marketing and wanted to expand College Mentor’s reach in the community.

“As the current head of PR & Marketing, I work on a team with three other amazing girls to further College Mentor's presence on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also write monthly newsletters, created a new blog on our website, and work closely with the other branches of the development staff to promote their efforts,” Ari said. “As the head of the team, I specifically am responsible for coordinating with the other development heads to make sure there is constant communication and understanding between our teams.”

Although Ari did not hold any other staff positions prior to this one, understanding what it is like to be a mentor helped her. As a marketing major, this role directly correlates to Ari’s career goals. She has gained valuable experience in writing for a large audience, promoting the organization to the public and working to gain a positive image both online and in the community. She said that she has already discussed knowledge she has gained so far in company interviews.

Ronit Majumdar - Recruitment Team

Ronit is a pre-dental third year majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Coaching Education. Outside of College Mentors, Ronit is very busy as he works in a research lab on campus, involved with student organizations Camp Kesem and Grind, he is a baseball umpire for all ages, and a wrestling coach at Upper Arlington High School.

As recruitment director, Ronit does many things to recruit new mentors. He makes sure College Mentors is in attendance at involvement fairs, flyers are posted in dorms, information sessions are scheduled and more. In addition to recruiting new mentors into the program, Ronit has also been leading efforts to get more mentors to join staff.

This is Ronit’s third year on staff and third position he has held within College Mentors staff. His freshman year he was a management administrator responsible for bringing snacks and taking attendance. Last year, he was a GM. The two positions he held prior to Recruitment Director helped prepare him for this role because he has become more comfortable with communicating with other members of staff, mentors, little buddies and the parents of little buddies. His different experience on staff have also helped him to tell potential mentors about the program and convey his passion for what we do.

Ronit’s role on staff has directly prepared for his career as a dentist and a wrestling coach. He said that the communication skills he has gained will help him to communicate well with a team, patients, parents and other staff members.

Ronit most enjoys helping out with everything that goes on within the organization and being rewarded by seeing successful activities and little buddies enjoying themselves, growing and changing throughout the school year.

“It’s also a very unique, motivated, unselfish group; all the people I've met on staff are amazing people whom I can look up to, learn from, and enjoy being around,” Ronit said.

ReNEW Accelerated High School - New Orleans, LA

1 November 2015

In September, our chapter was contacted by ReNEW Accelerated High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. ReNEW High School serves students ages 16-22 who have failed out of their previous schools. These students face the challenges that many students in low-income, low-opportunity settings face: an education system that has repeatedly failed them, a lack of parental involvement and home stability, and the myriad effects of growing up in poverty. Additionally, the students remember vividly when Hurricane Katrina swept through their city ten years ago, causing the death of almost 2,000 residents and destroying the city’s infrastructure. Despite the many challenges these students have faced, they wake up daily and make the sometimes hour-and-a-half trek on the New Orleans public transportation system to school, where they attend classes for seven hours before returning home or heading to work. The students are survivors. Many of them balance school with a part-time job (or full-time jobs), caring for younger siblings or their own children, and other commitments.

This year, one of the teachers’ advisory classes voted to name themselves "The Buckeyes". It is a great honor that these dedicated, hard-working students should choose to be Ohio State Buckeyes. Students with the highest attendance, GPA, and behavior merits are recognized each week. This teacher decided to honor the selected students with Ohio State gear to inspire them to work harder and increase their interest in college. As this is at the very heart of what we aim to do, it was our donate enough t-shirts from our annual kick-off event for the entire class. They loved them! And we loved to help.

Mentor Appreciation Week

19 October 2015

Mentor Appreciation Week was celebrated atCollege Mentors for Kids at The Ohio State University October 5-9. This was an opportunity for the executive staff to show appreciation for mentors in the program in multiple ways.

Each activity day still met as a group at their regularly scheduled activity time, but without the presence of the little buddies. Instead, mentors were treated with pizza and snacks and were given time to talk with executive staff about how activities had been going thus far, opportunities to become more involved in the program and general suggestions to make the program better.

Later in the activity, mentors were asked to consider why they were involved with College Mentors for Kids. At a large school like Ohio State there are many students that apply for membership, so mentors are individually selected because of their passion and unique promise they can bring to the program.

Jeffrey Shero, a senior mentor for Hamilton STEM Academy majoring in Human Development and Family Science, said it was nice to be reminded that he was hand-picked by the staff to be a mentor in this program and the recognition from the staff during Mentor Appreciation Week gave him a different kind of validation than the appreciation he feels from the kids each week.

All General Managers were encouraged to submit an outstanding mentor or mentors to be featured on College Mentors for Kids - Ohio State University Twitter account throughout Mentor Appreciation Week. Shero was one of the mentors recognized.

Shero explained he first became involved with College Mentors because he had positive role models in his life growing up and those role models were a big deal, so he wanted to play that role in another child’s life.

“If I did not have the role models I did growing up, I would not be at Ohio State or have done some of the things I have,” Shero said.

This is Shero’s second year of involvement in College Mentors and he has been paired with a different buddy each year. He said he knows College Mentors makes a difference in children’s lives because he witnessed improvement and growth in his first grade little buddy last year.

Shero was impressed when his fourth grade little buddy for this school year stated that his behavior has improved as a result of his involvement with College Mentors.

Mentoring does not only make a difference in little buddies’ lives; Shero said that his involvement with College Mentors has forced him outside of his comfort zone and allowed him to see the world from different perspectives.

“College Mentors challenges me to get to know different kids on a personal level and interact with each one in the way they need it,” Shero said.

Guess Who's Back (Back Again)

17 September 2015

Linden STEM Academy (Tuesday)

  • VP: Anthony Melaragno

  • Grades: 1-5

  • Reveal: Little Buddies were ecstatic to meet their Mentors and learn who they were from reveal. The Buddies used their listening ears to find out which Mentor was singing the same song they had.

  • Activity: The first activity took place at Linden STEM. After snack and reveal, the different Buddy Families broke apart to play different games and learn more about each other. Games included trust falls, coloring, hula hooping and more. The day concluded with journals and a chance to make Mentoring goals for the year. The Little Buddies left looking forward to an Ohio State scavenger hunt planned for the next week.

West Franklin Elementary (Wednesday 1)

  • VP: Jessica Singer

  • Grades: 1-4

  • Reveal: Little buddies had their mentor's name taped on their back and mentors had the little buddies name on their back. Mentors could see their names on the little buddies’ backs, but it was the little buddies’ job to guess their mentor while the mentors had their backs turned away from them.

  • Activity: The first activity took place at West Franklin Elementary School. After the buddy pairs were revealed, buddy families went to the gym to play different games and get to know their mentor or catch up after spending summer break apart. Activity ended with journal and little buddies shared what they were looking forward to most this year.

Weinland Park Elementary (Tuesday)

  • VP: Kolin Cookson

  • Grades: 1-5

  • Reveal: Buddy pairs in each grade were given matching index cards with the same food item and were told to find their match!

  • Activity: The first activity took place at Weinland Park Elementary School. Buddy pairs were revealed and mentors and little buddies played games to get to know each other. Activity wrapped up by having the little buddies fill out a journal sheet about themselves and playing on the playground until families came to pick them up.

Hamilton STEM Academy (Tuesday)

  • VP: Emily Reinhart

  • Grades: 1-5

  • Reveal: Each little buddy was given a card with his/her favorite cartoon character and with that the little buddies found the mentor with the matching card. It was a perfect match!

  • Activity: The first activity for the Hamilton STEM little buddies took place at their elementary school. The little buddies spent the day getting to know their mentors through the big reveal and having fun within their buddy families playing games. The activity concluded with the little buddies writing in their journals and looking forward to coming to campus next week!

The weekend following the first activity week, our executive staff traveled to Indianapolis for the College Mentors for Kids National Conference. They were in attendance with 31 other chapters from 8 different states. The president and vice presidents of our chapter attended workshops in which they were able to attain innovative ideas and new leadership techniques. There are many new plans for this school year on the national level and within our chapter.

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